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Who We Are

Created: 13 September 2013

We are people who have owned and loved dogs for most of our lives and learned through extensive study and hands-​on experience what it means to be responsible dog owners, how to care for dogs and better understand their behaviour & communication… 

Pictured here are our two lovely Border Collie girls — they both do agility training and compete in local shows. They have very different personalities. Our eldest (black and white) is a bit of a nervous dog, but she is very good at telling other dogs when they can and can’t approach her; the youngest (brown/​red and white) is empathic, VERY accomplished at dog communication and good at teaching others who are not so accomplished!

Dogs are everywhere these days and OUR MISSION is to help EVERYONE better understand their behaviour so that people and dogs can be safe around each other.

We know that just like children — all dogs are different — and they are not like people!

If you are a dog owner, we are here to help to develop harmony between the people and dogs in your family by providing tools and information that will help prevent the kind of vicious dog attacks we hear about in the media… especially in relation to vulnerable youngsters who don’t yet fully understand the ways of the doggy world… 

Even if you DON’T HAVEDOG our tools, tips and advice will help you to understand the behaviour you see in your interactions with dogs and will keep you and your children safe too!

We want to enable children and dogs to interact safely, whenever or wherever they come into contact - communicating with confidence so that they can all have safer, happier and more balanced relationships.

And we want to promote responsible ownership.

Our ‘transformation’ methods are reward-​based, using positive reinforcement, kind, gentle, logical and easy — without force or fear and ideal for families without dogs where children are frightened of dogs and for dog owners who fear that their dog’s behaviour shows that they may attack people and cause harm especially to a child.


Be Safe With Your Dogs