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Created: 19 September 2013

Jake’s lead work is much better. I occasionally have to turn around but he then realises he must not pull. He certainly seems to be more relaxed and is much better when we meet other dogs. He is also responding better to my commands.

It was a very good one-​to-​one session I had with you. You were very calm at all times and very clear in how to deal with situations. You certainly made me more confident in dealing with Jake’s problems.”

Coralie Allen — Liss, Hampshire

(Jake is a Border Collie)
Parent Category: About Us
Created: 19 September 2013

The consultation with Gwynne and Harvey was a real eye opener!

After Harvey had taken it upon himself to show his true colours it was great to be able to work through it and for both him and probably more importantly me, to realise that there is hope for him and with the right help it will be possible for him to at the very least be able to tolerate other dogs when out.

Gwynne was great, she has a wonderful confident manner and her relentless walking round and about with her two gorgeous girls in the pouring rain across the muddy field still with a smile on her face was amazing :)

I definitely left with a strong feeling of confidence and knowledge that there really is a way forward for Harvey.

Jenny Hayward - Beckenham, Kent

(Harvey is a Rottweiler/​Doberman cross)

Parent Category: About Us
Created: 19 September 2013

I can already see the areas of leadership that I didn’t think important are very important to the dog and that I had only been concentrating on the areas that were obvious to me.

I think Gwynne was fabulous and steered the consultation very well, she was very warm and positive. She was very helpful in analysing Titch’s issues or as we discovered my issues with him. She was able to open my eyes to the fact that I am the one with baggage as Titch doesn’t operate like that he lives in the moment & doesn’t remember past disasters in the way I do. I have nightmares about them!!

I knew of course that he would pick up on my nerves in a tense situation but was unaware of how tense I was on a walk period until we went for a walk with Gwynne. I thought well if she is here then she can deal with Titch behaving badly. That coupled with my wife taking the dog’s lead meant I was in the clear and completely relaxed. Although Titch did react on sight of another dog he quickly lost interest when we turned the other way. So it was clear with me out of the equation he and I were both at ease … maybe I should leave home?

Gwynne also pointed out that deliberately seeking out a training opportunity rather than avoiding trouble was the only way Titch would change. Walking him in an empty field was not going to help! I now seek out training opportunities but don’t try and amalgamate these with a walk to exercise him … in the fullness of time this may be possible.

I would recommend Gwynne 100 per cent.

Joe Talbot - North London

(Titch is a Patterdale Terrier)

Parent Category: About Us
Created: 23 July 2013

I found Gwynne to be very friendly and approachable and would definitely recommend her services. I felt confident in the advice she was giving and felt that she really listened to each problem area we were having and gave us the tools/​knowledge we needed in order to deal with them.

We have been implementing Gwynne’s advice and I am pleased to say that Daisy and Smudge are now learning to respect each member of the family, not just the grown-​ups, so dinner times are now a more harmonious occasion and not one full of dread of what may occur!

Thank you Gwynne very much!

Sarah Markworth — Wivelsfield, West Sussex

(Daisy is a Boxer and Smudge is a Jack Russell cross)