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Dogs And Our ‘Energetic’ Relationships With Them

Parent Category: Dog Talk
Created: 30 September 2013

Since you brought your dog home, have all the dreams you had of the wonderful relationship you would have stayed alive or have you descended into a state of emotional unrest based on things that have not quite gone to plan?

Dogs are much more tuned in to energy than most of us understand. They pick up on our moods and emotions and react in response to them. 

Do you find joy in the company of your dog whatever you do together or do you become apprehensive and stressed in some circumstances?

Do you have a calm and balanced dog who walks calmly by your side when outside and is not dominant around food or do they pull on the lead and get aggressive over food? Does your dog come back when you call and look to you for direction or do they run off and ignore your requests?

Can you rely on your dog to alert you when someone comes to the door and then stop barking when you calmly indicate that there is nothing to be concerned about, stepping back so that you can go to the door; or do they barge forward and make a fuss, taking possession of the door?

Is your dog calm and pleased to see you when you come home or into the room without jumping up, respectfully waiting until they are invited into your personal space; or do they jump up immediately and crowd you for attention — and do the same to visitors to your home?

Do you have a dog that is not aggressive with other dogs but is trusting in your leadership and wants to please the pack leader or does your dog have issues with people and other dogs while you are out and about making your walk something you do not look forward to and making you fearful of giving them freedom off the lead?

You either have a happy and well balanced dog or you have one with unwanted behavioural issues?

How often have we seen a child tell their pet “I love you” and show them how much they love them by giving them a hug or something they know they like? Dogs do not ‘like’ hugs but they do pick up on gentle loving energy. Children express their appreciation far more often that we ‘grown ups’ tell the people in our lives how much we appreciate them and when what they do makes our life easier?

Just as we are quick to complain if things are not how we want them to be, when we have some things about our dog’s behaviour that we’d like to change, do we get worried or angry and ‘hold this against them’?

We tend to bring fondness to mind more so when we lose someone or a pet that we loved, then we really understand that expressing our love needs to be part of our everyday lives. When we lose someone from this world, it reminds us that it could always be too late to say and do the things that really matter to those we know and care for – and we are encouraged, if only for a short time to put this at the top of our list of what’s important in our lives.

Our world is far more complicated than it used to be. There are many demands on our time and energy and we can easily get caught up in ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’.

We’ve probably all heard the statistics that we tend to recognise the negative in our relationships rather than the good on a ratio of about 50:1 – it is usually related to our relationships with people but applies just as much to those we have with our dogs!

Children and dogs are very good as teachers, they tend to live more joyfully and in the moment, they pay attention to the good stuff far more, gaining and spreading more joy.

If only we paid more attention to the things we love about our dogs instead of the things they do that we would like to be different… if we only relaxed a little, chilled out and looked for the fun… perhaps our dogs would sense this and relax too… perhaps there would be fewer dog attacks and less reason to dwell on the fear of things getting ‘out of control’… fewer injured children and fewer dogs put to sleep for just being dogs themselves and reflecting what is going on around them to the best of their understanding…

Let’s spend more time daring to appreciate why we brought our dog(s) into our lives… enjoy them more and confidently voice the positive in these relationships… and see what might change in us and in them!


Be Safe With Your Dogs!