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Dogs Abandoned!

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Created: 24 July 2014

Something just prompted me to say a few words about how we behave badly and then blame our pets!

More often than not, the bad behaviour is ours!

In the UK, according to a study, the RSPCA reported that between 2007 and 2012 the number of pets abandoned had risen by a staggering 65%! The annual “STRAY DOGS SURVEY” undertaken by the Dogs Trust, shows that the number of stray dogs in the UK now stands at over 110,000 (see the full report here at Dogs Trust website).

It is staggering to know that there so many thoughtless or uncaring people in the world who treat other living creatures so badly, let alone one that has been in close companionship with mankind for tens of thousands of years!

Why don’t people see it as an honour to share their lives with such a self-​less creature as a dog? This subject is so poignant — especially so at Christmas when we particularly remember the saying “A dog is for life not just for Christmas”. Apparently the statistics for abandoned dogs (and cats) always show a sharp rise in the early months of the year.

There is no reason why any of our pets should be written off or abandoned for their apparent bad behaviour, especially if this is simply down to a lack of knowledge or ‘training’ given on the part of their owners!

We ask dogs to live in our world which is in so many ways alien to them, so why don’t we understand that they need help to do this? All it takes is a little time… and willingness.

You wouldn’t expect to learn something new with no effort would you — why should you expect so much more of another species that we consider to be not as clever as humans?

Training is so important and so easy, if you love your dog the cost is so little, apart from a time, it just takes consistency and repetition — but the reward is a dog that is a joy to have around and is safe to have around us, our families and our guests — what’s more ‘training’ keeps our dogs safe too.


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