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What We Do…

We Help Transform Unwanted Behaviour, FAST

Whether you’re a dog owner or not, we understand that nowadays people lead busy lives and don’t always have the time to dedicate to understanding all the responsibilities that go with looking after dogs, let alone correcting any ‘unwanted’ behaviour between children and dogs to help keep them all safe… 

And when we are busy, it is all too easy to become accepting of unwanted behaviour, even though you may know IT COULD LEAD TO TROUBLE (same with our kids, eh?)!

With love and dedication, behaviour can easily be changed (for dogs AND people)! In fact, we guarantee it, using kind, gentle, logical and simple methods (with NO force or fear) — that are all about positive reinforcement — giving a reward when the behaviour is what you want and ignoring ‘bad’ behaviour.

On our web pages you will find a growing wealth of helpful information and and if you need more help, then simply contact us or check out our coaching sessions which can be tailored to the specific needs of you and your family (including any dogs).

Especially if you: 

  • ove your dog SO much and really try hard to do the right thing for them but they are UNCONTROLLABLE and do what they like
  • worry that your dog’s behaviour may be DANGEROUS or getting worse and you don’t know what to do to control it
  • fear that your children are OUT OF CONTROL when they play with your dog
  • feel helpless about what to do when UNWANTED BEHAVIOUR arises and wish your dog would take more notice of you
  • worry that other people think you CAN’T CONTROL YOUR DOG and that you’re an irresponsible dog owner
  • worry that other people think you CAN’T CONTROL YOUR DOG and that you’re an irresponsible dog owner
  • would like natural methods that have NO HITTING, FORCING OR SHOUTING and are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, getting results — fast…

DON’T WAIT until it’s too late before you ask!

CLICK HERE and check out our personal coaching sessions…

  • Don’t know how to get your dog’s trust?
  • Concerned about your dog’s behaviour?
  • Want to help your children get along with your dog?
  • Have two dogs that you can’t leave alone together?
  • Feel powerless and need help?
  • Just want to know whether you are doing the right things?

We are so sure we can help that our consultations come with our no quibble FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — if you have a consultation and don’t feel that you can put our simple methods into practice we will refund 100% of your consultation fee!