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Created: 30 September 2013

IF YOU LIVE WITHIN around 30 miles of Reading, UK and would prefer to learn in the comfort of your home with a consultation specially tailored to your family’s own personal needs and those of your dog…

Then sign up for a personally tailored consultation, working hands-​on with your dog and see the results instantly.

These home consultations are like mini-​classes, aimed at all those who live with your dog or come in contact with them on a regular basis, to help you make some simple changes that will make a world of difference…

Once you provide some brief background information we can quickly arrange a visit for when it is most convenient for all of us.

If you:

  • love your dog SO much and really try hard to do the right thing for them but they seem uncontrollable and do what they like
  • worry that your dog’s behaviour is getting worse and you don’t know what to do to control it
  • feel helpless about what to do when unwanted situations arise and wish your dog would take more notice of you
  • worry that other people think you can’t control your dog and that you’re an irresponsible dog owner
  • would like a natural method that has no hitting, forcing or shouting and is extremely effective, getting results — fast …

Take action now!

…and we WILL help you achieve the dream dog you’ve always wanted for your family — or your money back!

We are so sure we can help that our consultations come with our no quibble FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — if you have a consultation and don’t feel that you can put our simple methods into practice we will refund your consultation fee!

What have you got to lose?